Welcome to Mobile Success Blueprints where you get the chance to watch over my shoulder while I show you how we made over $1,322 using mobile marketing methods!

I'm VERY excited to reveal my proven system for making honest easy money online by tapping into the largest online reservoir of endless traffic!

Mobile marketing is the next big opportunity for making big money online! I've already tasted sweet success and now I want to show you how I did it ...

My name is Dave Guindon and I specialize in innovative software and graphics design, computer programming as well as online marketing.

I've been running an online internet business for over 10 years selling several million dollars worth of online product.

For me … this all began on eBay … and then I consistently built up my own small online empire.

Recently, I have earned “Super-Affiliate” status and was accepted into the Apex program at Clickbank for being in the top 100 super affiliates in the clickbank market place for 2009!

My passion is to build new innovative tools and services to help online entrepreneurs make a lot of money online ... fast!

And ... I recently uncovered a formula for making money online from very cheap mobile traffic.

Maybe this doesn't really mean anything to you...let me say this: There are currently around 7 Billion people on the planet, and 70% of the people are connected to the internet through a mobile device...but only 25% are connected through a computer! Where do you want to spend your marketing dollar?

It should be obvious that getting into marketing on mobile devices is the way of the future! That's the exact reason why the mega-monster Apple Inc. officially changed their business model from a computer company to a mobile company!

Plus, the mobile community is literally untapped. I have been making nearly $10,000 - $25,000 per month for the past 8 - 10 years from marketing to people that only have computers! and there are 5 times more people with mobile devices! That's why I am so excited about mobile marketing, this is the next big marketing opportunity ... and I have already experience sweet success!

Over the past 5 months I've been applying my online marketing experience to learning how to make money from listing campaigns in several online Mobile Networks.

As a result, I was able to create a simple step-by-step blueprint for systematically making money online using mobile marketing tactics ( mixed in with other cool stuff as well ).

To make things simple, I structured my blueprints into two separate easy-to-follow video courses where you get to watch over my shoulder while I show you my exact system.

Introducing ...

The Mobile Success Blueprints are 2 sets of step-by-step instructional videos where I take you through real online campaigns that are making us money!

We even reveal the exact ad text, campaign targeting information, and how to create the small tile images to drive tons of very cheap 1 cent traffic.

In these 2 blueprints we show you how we made an easy $1,322 from scratch!

Here's where you get to "Watch Over My Shoulder" while I show you a proven system for quickly building mailing lists using mobile marketing methods ... and then show you how to apply simple email marketing tactics for generating honest money online from those mailing lists ...
How to effectively research different niche ideas for maximum profit (profitable niche discovery). Using free resources online to determine commercial buyability for any given niche market.
Amazing Niche Research using the bonus Keyword Optimizer Pro software, this is very POWERFUL!
How to signup for an Aweber account. I take you through the process of how to signup and get your account setup from start to finish ... nothing is left out! You even get to watch my order.

How to create an email list as well as create 3 autoresponder messages for a profitable niche using Aweber.

Don't worry ... I don't simply show you how to do the basic stuff every other guru shows you ... you can find that stuff in the help section of Aweber.

Instead I show you how I personally setup my systems that actually make REAL money!

How to create an optimized mobile squeeze page using aweber along with free online tools. I show you how to use the included free "Mobile Page Creator" tool to quickly make mobile optimize squeeze pages that effectively suck in leads with ease.
How to preview your mobile squeeze page in an iphone from your computer using free online iphone emulators.
How to create mobile squeeze pages using the more powerful Mobile Page Creator Tool available in the members area.
How to signup for a free autoresponder service, create an email list and create 3 autoresponder messages. Additionally, I show you how to create a mobile squeeze page using this free service along with the mobile page creator tool.

How to quickly split-test and create 5 squeeze pages for maximum optin rates.

This IS THE MOST IMPORTANT video of this blueprint ... basically, if you follow these step-by-step actions, this will dramatically increase your chances for building high converting campaigns in as little as 1 day!

Seriously, if you don't have a solid method for split-testing pages, you are going to lose a bucket load of money! ... plus, NO other online course is showing people how to do this!

How to insert Google Analytics into your mobile squeeze pages and how to analyze the data to determine what mobile devices actually send you the most traffic ... and therefore, optimize your campaigns for higher conversions! (another tactic no other course teaches!)
How to create small tile images that are used in your mobile campaigns. Don't worry ... this is VERY easy, and I show you how using FREE online graphics software you can download right now!

How to create a full campaign with multiple ads in Admob.

Again, I don't simply take you through the motions ... I show you a REAL campaign, with real ad groups, and 11 ads! You will see exactly how to effectively create ad groups and ads that are guaranteed to send you a TON of traffic at only $0.05 per click!

How to list your ad campaign in Mojiva. This mobile ad network is great and very simple to use. I highly recommend using them.
How to list your ad campaign in JumpTap. Another ad network responsible for sending tons of high quality traffic for very low cost.
How to list your ad campaign in Adfonic. This ad network works great for non-US campaigns ... but I have had great success from promoting US only campaigns. Therefore, I included a video on how to use this network.

How to optimize your campaigns for high click rates and optin rates. To be honest, I have yet to see any other video course that shows you this information!

Without going back into your campaigns to optimize stuff ( and really .. it's SO SIMPLE ) you will be losing cash!

Don't be scared to see the word "optimize" ... it's a matter of going into your ad network and clicking a single link to stop a non-converting ad.

Especially if you follow the instructions given in video 9, then this part is so simple if can be done within 5-10 minutes a day!

How to sent an email broadcast to your aweber list. This is the true source of where you start earning cash.

I take you through the process of promoting a related product to the exact lists generated throughout this video series where I earn commissions from any generated sales.

Get instant access now ( 90% discount )

... AND, to give you an idea what kind of success I have experienced with email marketing ... take a look at the screenshot below ... where I earned commissions from promoting someone else's product as an affiliate!

NOW, I have to be completely HONEST ... in the screenshot given above, I was promoting more than one product, but about 90% of the profits were from only one email marketing campaign promoting a single product. Also, I was promoting to over 100,000 subscribers from 50 different mailing lists that we own.

So ... what I am saying is, please don't assume you will immediately make over $9k per day like me ... in fact, if someone is trying to tell you that you can make $100k per week, then you can comfortably assume they are not telling you everything!

But ... I'm just showing you the potential of having your own multiple email lists! ... it's absolutely PRICELESS! I can honestly say .. I can easily print money on demand. As cheesy as that sounds, it's true.

Ok, ... here is what you CAN expect when you follow my exact step-by-step instructions laid out in the mobile list building blueprint videos ...

We take you through the exact process of building a list of 242 targeted leads in about 3 days and how we earned over $100 per day from those leads ... all on complete autopilot!

The next set of step-by-step videos is ...

Here's where you get to "Watch Over My Shoulder" while I show you a proven system for making money online from promoting Cost-Per-Action (CPA) offers on several mobile advertising networks.

I show you how I made over $500 in about 2 weeks from a single campaign! It may not be huge cash ... but I am not a get rich-quick kind of guy!

You simply get REAL and PROVEN methods for making honest money! No secrets, no scams, no outrageous claims ... just pure honest marketing that made me real money!

How to signup for Mobile Ad Networks
How to signup for Mobile Cost-Per-Action (CPA) networks. Plus, I show you how to get instantly approved to a little known mobile CPA network.
How to perform effective research to uncover good (profitable) CPA offers to promote
How to view mobile CPA landing pages in various mobile devices. I also show techniques for viewing offers for international pages (this is not as easy as one may think!)
How to create tile images and banners using free tools
Step-by-step guide to listing a campaign in Admob
Effective Demographic targeting and ad creation summary
Step-by-step guide to listing a campaign in Admob With a free tracking service to easily monitor top performing ads. This is very new and I haven't seen any other video course teaching this yet!
Step-by-step guide to listing a campaign in Adfonic
Step-by-step guide to listing a campaign in Mojiva
How to optimize your campaigns for maximum profits!
Get instant access now ( 90% discount )

Now ... we also realize that you may be completely new to online marketing and have never made any money online.

So, we decided to include another set of videos that arm you with the basic skills to run your own internet business from your home computer.

Introducing ...

Due to popular demand ... I included a new bonus video series where I take you through the basics for setting a solid foundation for your online business. These are very basics tactics, but serve as a solid reference when you need instant help for doing simple things like uploading a file.

Plus, if you are completely new to making money online, then this was designed just for YOU! Also, I show you how to perform these simple tasks by example ... in other words, I show you a real-life example for a profitable niche and then take you through the entire process from start to finish.

How to research & register your own domain name
How to get a free Gmail account
How to get your own website host
How to connect your domain to your website host
How to create your own website email address
How to create a zip file using free software
How to upload files to your website using free ftp software
How to create a webpage using free software
How to create an ebook using powerful free software
how to upload ebooks to your site and create download links
More videos can be added upon request ... simply use the "Submit a Question" feature in the members area and I will personally record any video suggestions you want!
Get instant access now ( 90% discount )

For a limited time, we're offering all THREE sets of videos for an insanely low price ... plus you get all the cool stuff listed in the Bonus Section.

We also offer an unconditional 100% Money-Back Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase in ANY WAY within the first 60 days ( 2 full months ) ... then, we'll return your money with absolutely NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

But ... first, here are your FAST ACTION bonuses ...

In addition to the detailed video-course blueprints ... you will get instant access to the following exclusive bonuses only available through this website. BUT, I may remove these bonuses at any time, so I highly recommend getting in before you lose out on these high-quality bonuses ...

We have included access to a simple mobile page creator tool where you can easily & quickly create multiple mobile optimized squeeze pages! This tool is VERY easy to use with the built-in editor ... it's like using a word processor software similar to Microsoft's Word! .. but easier!

We've also included a quickstart video to help you get making your own pages fast. Our favorite way to use this tool is to simply paste in the code from our autoresponder provider, click the "Create Mobile Page" button ... and it's done! It literally takes 3 minutes to create a mobile page using our simple tool.

Our mobile page creator makes pages that are accepted to all major Mobile
advertising networks ... such as: Admob, Mojiva, JumpTap, Adfonic, and InMobi.


We developed a simply emulator tool that allows you to view your mobile optimized pages on an iphone. This tool is very helpful when you do not own an iPhone.

In the blueprint video-courses we also show many other methods for viewing your mobile pages with free tools ... even for international pages that are difficult to view if you do not reside in the corresponding country. This comes in handy when you're promoting international CPA offers and need to see if the pages are mobile optimized before you promote ... this will save you the headaches of getting your offer disapproved by ad networks.


In the above screenshot ... the software collected 10,382 keywords that contain the seed keyword phrase "How To"!!!

The software only took around 9 to 12 minutes to gather over 10 thousands keywords!

This tool is extremely useful when you need to build your keyword list for an existing product or you need to research new niche market ideas that have high profit potential!

We developed a proprietary internal algorithm that determines which keyword phrase is more "valuable" compared to the others in the same list ... we call this the "optimized keyword rank" (OKR).

PLUS ... along with the software you also get FREE access to several instructional help videos ...

Video 1: An overview of how to use Keyword Optimizer Pro and possible niche ideas that can make you money online

In video 1, I explain how Keyword Optimizer Pro works as well as uncover a possible profitable niche that you can start making money with right now. Plus, I give you ideas of how you can make money by promoting related Amazon products through your affiliate link.

Video 2: How to uncover hidden niche keywords the Google Keyword Tool Does NOT Show You

You might be shocked with this video! You'll be surprised to see how many high-volume keywords that Google hides from you when using their Google Keyword Tool. Then, I show you how to find hundreds of hidden keyword "gems" using Keyword Optimizer Pro.

Video 3: How to quickly find several profitable niche markets

In video 3 I take you through a simple process for uncovering possible profitable niche markets from massive lists of keywords generated from the Keyword Optimizer Pro software. Plus, I show you how to do this using free software that you can download immediately.

Video 4: How to locate and identify desperate niches with hungry buyers
Video 5: How to uncover keywords related to top brand names
Video 6: How to determine search volumes using the free Market Samurai Software
Video 7: How to extract the Online Commercial Intent using the free Market Samurai
Video 8: How to build large lists of targeting URLs using free and paid software
Get instant access now ( 90% discount )


You will also get instant access to a short 2-part video where I show how to create a mobile website using WordPress + Mobile Edition Plugin ... and how to create a mobile squeeze page!


For bonus #5, you get a 4-part video I recently recorded showing you some very cool methods for creating your own product ... you will learn:

Earlier this year, I offered the Mobile Success Blueprint video courses as a limited exclusive bonus for people that decided to order a related product through my affiliate link ... as a result, here are several REAL testimonials I have received from those people. I have also included a few testimonials from other products I have sold. I will be inserting new testimonials as I receive them ...

"These products of Dave's are the “Crème of L'a Creme” Top knotch ..."

To All Skeptics just like me, who don't want to get your fingers burnt. Listen up! I have been receiving Dave Guindon's emails over the last 6 to eight months; Testing the waters...On many occasions I would reject the emails, some I would read, and look at what was up for grabs... Every time my skepticism would step in, and shut it down.

I as a private detective, (hidesdetectiveagency.com) did some back round checking for my own personal use...guess what he came up 100% Kosher. I then started accepting and reading all the info that he sent, and stored them in a file with his name on it.

I'm preparing my self for secondary residual income, due to the economy, and my future retirement. (5 years time) Well, yesterday 7th July 2010, I received an email from him, and did scrutinize it and I was in the preparations stage to building my website:http://home-security-systems.ws/ (Not fully completed yet) as I was saying, that this email link to the website was an eye opener...

having to reread it three to four times, with an “Sleep-On-It” (Intermission.)... I reread the email, next day and to my amazement, I committed my self to the product. Why? It was something I was needing, and Not wanting, and the price of it, for what you received is really “outstanding” The products and the presentation of Dave's work is sensational, and immaculately first class.

I as a skeptic always judge on the price and what you would receive. There is some “Wonderful Rubbish”, that I would not pay a cent for. These products of Dave's are the “Crème of L'a Creme” Top knotch. Products.

Let me also tell you, I went and purchased the “Exit-splash Script” for $47.00 but the bonuses are well beyond generous, that out ways the cost of the purchase. Extremely pleased with your products Dave.

I will implement them in my first Home Security Improvements. With Dave’s products, providing you implement them properly, you will Never get your fingers burnt! That is a fact!! I do not regret spending the money; remember, it's about what you Need, Not what you Want! Dave has it all!

On a personal level about Dave Guindon, I do not know him personally, but what I do know is that he is honest, and sincere. That is what comes across quite clear. Very caring, and a understanding helpful guy! For any septic like me, Dave will put you really at ease, and you will melt like butter, as you hand over your money with great satisfaction.

I am also in the preparation of building another website (On display Now) called “My Honest Review” www.michaelchristian.ws. He will be one of the Entrepreneurs that will get a full write up about him. Let me tell you, “I'm really fussy” I love Honesty, and sincerity, with dedication, and commitment! I have been told his support is very good. Keep up the good honest work Dave.

You have a customer for life; and hopefully many more after this testimony! Regards Michael Christian (Prefer – Mickie)

- Michael Christian (Mickie), hidesdetectiveagency.com, home-security-systems.ws

Let Me In Now

"It Looks Like I Have Finally Struck Gold Here!"

David, Just starting to dig into your program and it looks like I have finally struck gold here. My friend there is many successful marketers out there but few that can teach as you do. I do so look forward to learning from you. Been down a lot of wrong roads while searching for a great teacher and system. Thank you , thank you...Brent  

- Brent G Swisher AKA Mopargrovi

"Your Mobile CPA Marketing Blueprint is well thought out and so easy to follow!"


Your Mobile CPA Marketing Blueprint is well thought out and so easy to follow. You are the KING of video tutorials . I have been following you for a number of years now, you never fail to amaze me with the quality of your products. Thanks a Million for these videos. I will be able to implement your teachings and use the product right away with little or no learning curve. You make it so easy for anyone to succeed using your videos. 

- Jim Garvin, www.jamesgarvin.com

"You ALWAYS over-deliver ..."

GREAT videos..learned so much more than the original product taught me...looking forward to the one on mobile site from wordpress...due soon??? You ALWAYS over-deliver on your bonus package..that's why if possible I use your link to purchase products. 

- Dr. Deb Baker

"probably worth 10 or 20 times more than what I paid for ..."

Dave, I have purchased more than a few of your programs and they are always informative and are good profit centers and continue to pull leads and income BUT this Mobile Marketing offer was ABSOLUTELY the best you have put together. Your bonuses are probably worth 10 or 20 times more than what I paid for Mobile Marketing Course. Just wanted to say thanks for opening up my eyes to the potential of this program and providing this opportunity. I always remember this quote "fortune (in this case opportunity) favors the prepared mind". Thanks again. 

- Pete



- Saulo Hernandez

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"These are fabulous videos ..."

Hi Dave, Just got back from vacation and got some catching up to do but I want to thank you for this excellent bonus program. You've out done yourself again and your generosity is much appreciated. These are fabulous videos and I will put them to good use.

- name not given

"Even a seasoned marketer like myself learned some great actionable information"

The Mobile CPA Marketing Blueprint that David Provided was of absolute top quality. The Videos in my mind were worth more than the main product. David has a nack of showing you step by step on Video that clearly shows even a newcomer how and what to do and why he does what he does. Many thanks, even a seasoned marketer like myself learned some great actionable information.

- Hamant Keva


Dave, Once again you have demonstrated the advantages of doing business with a truly outstanding IM professional. You always give great bonus additions but you also always go beyond the next mile to make the bonuses work for the buyer. Outstanding!

- curtis jones

"It's well worth much, much more than $77"

In short: The Best Bonus EVER! In 'long': It's so perfect and it's so much MORE than 'too good, to be true' that anyone having bad experience with all those lunches and bonuses out there must start wondering : what's the heck behind all this ? But...I am Your customer. I've been already surprised with the outstanding quality of your products and courses wondering if it is possible that such kind of persons exists: ready to treat their customer with so much respect (instead as if they all were just idiots) So...I know You.I trust You. And ... I've made a duplicate purchase of Mobile Monopoly just to get your bonuses. Would I ask for refund? No. Not for this purchase.I would feel ashamed. Because it's well worth much, much more than $77. Dave... thank you :-)  

- Gordana 

"YES, the videos are a big help!"

It is because of your attention to detail (such as these videos) that tips any doubt I may have about a product to your favor. For this reason alone I would pick your products and affiliate links over all the other marketers. And 'yes' the videos are a big help.

- Michael Robinson

"I just can't believe the quality of your products"

Dave, what more can i say that you simply is the bonus king of internet marketing. I just can't believe the quality of your products at the price offered. There's no wonder you sell out fast, because you're unique, original and so creative who can resist your sells offer. I find myself buying from you everytime. 

- Jim Bragg

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"Dave always Over-Delivers on his Promises"

Dave always Over-Delivers on his Promises. But most importantly his vast knowledge and Instructional skills are what brings me back. 

- Larry Lee Bliss

"No offer comes remotely close to it's value!!"

I have to say this is an excellent bonus offer, with the exclusive software included, No offer comes remotely close to it's value!! 

- James


Hello Dave! My only online "FRIEND" & "MENTOR"!!!

You are the most "HONEST" online person i ever met (last year) on the internet. Mobile monopoly is my 6 product, which i purchase from your affiliate link. And you know what:)? You give for free (away)the most "UNIQUE PROFESSIONAL POWERFUL VALUABLE" bonuses i ever "see". You are really "CRAZY" :). So, i must to thank you for all yours bonuses teaching videos and all stuff you give away, to the "newbies" and other online marketers. And the last thing i must to say..:) i made the third check from clickbank and few hundred bucks with paypal commission junction and max bounty (CPA) (CRAZY), in short few months (4months). With your help i learn from (davesonlinevideos course) some really powerful great stuff. I must to thank you again in (advance)for your next products which i will purchase! Thank you a lot and thanks in the name of all my friends and family which now i teach what i learn from your videos :)! Thank you again Alenka ... 

- Alenka & Markus Webmass from Slovenia 

"Dave you have MORE than Overdelivered!"

Dave you have MORE than Overdelivered with this bonus! Thank You..... I am not going to promote this for myself, I will just send people to YOUR link! People simply cannot go wrong with Mobile Monopoly if they get all the goodies you have in store for them with this killer bonus. 

- Shane Massingham

"It is one of the best that I have seen!"

Hi Dave, I have to tell you that your Bonus Package was a big factor in my ordering the Mobile Monopoly program through your link. Thank you for putting this package together. It is one of the best that I have seen. 

- Melonee

"Your Bonus is, how I say, terrific!"

Hi Dave, Your Bonus is, how I say, terrific!. You know, I have already ordered Mobile Monopoly before I came across your bonus. What did I do? I order it again through your link! Your bonus is too cool.  

- Siwasekh Tan

Let Me In Now

"Talk about over-delivering!"

Dave - You've done it again! Talk about over-delivering. You never fail to EXCEL on delivering bonuses that are "highly" relevant to the purchased product. The perfect companions. "He who gives unconditionally, receives 10 fold" Ever likely you are where you are now. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Alan H  

- Alan Howells

"Your bonuses are outstanding!"

Dave, I've bought many of your products and some that you have recommended. I have always been thrilled. With DaveBonus.com your bonuses are outstanding and your Simple Mobile Page Creator was out performs the free one available at Mobile Monopoly. It's hard to believe you included it as a bonus and did not sell it as a stand alone product. Thanks for everything. 

- Mike Lewis, MainStreetMarketingTips.com

"Thanks for the professional mobile squeeze software!"

Dave, You're Outstanding! Thanks for the professional mobile squeeze software and all your generous bonuses!! Your mobile tool "pushed me in" as I have Get Response and was trying to figure out how I could participate (based on Adam's videos - Aweber looked like the "only" option). Perfect Software Addition! Now,...it's on to serving others!


- Mark Ostrye, freehomebasedbusiness.biz, healthcomplementary.com 

"You have been spoiling us too much!"

Dave, Dave, Dave, You are a dirty rotten scoundrel ... For spoiling us too much :) 

- Alan S.

Craig Beckta, TheSixFigureCode.com
Tyler Devin, CanadaForeclosureList.ca
Chris Mcknight
Gene Wolf

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The step-by-step Mobile Success Blueprints video training course ... where I'll get INSTANT access to the Mobile Marketing List Building Blueprint and the Mobile CPA Marketing Blueprint.

I'll also get the bonus Internet Business Basics video training course along with 5 exclusive and limited bonuses worth over $1,597!

I also understand the usual price for this life changing course is $499, but for a limited time I can access the entire course right now for the insane low investment of just $39!

AND, I understand this investment is backed by your no hassles, no questions asked guarantee ... and if I'm not satisfied in any way, or simply don't make any money with your new cutting edge ideas then I'll simply send you an email to receive a full and immediate refund for everything. I RISK NOTHING!

PLUS, as you mentioned in the top video, if I get a full refund ... I can still keep EVERYTHING!

That said, I'm ready to begin my step-by-step training by clicking the 'Add To Cart' button below ...


"I cannot believe that you're not charging $497 or even $997 for this because it is worth it!"

Dave your Mobile CPA Marketing Blueprint absolutely ROCKS! I cannot believe that you're not charging $497 or even $997 for this because it is worth it. You break everything down in just the right level of detail and you do so with a straight-forward plain English approach. Personally, I think this is the best course on the subject I've gone through so far, Free or Paid! Dave you definitely have a style and philosophy about the way you run your business, please do NOT change a thing. You are a breath of fresh air and I mean that sincerely. 

- John Messmer Reno, NV TheIMclinic.com


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A: The main difference is the amount of detail we provide when creating a campaign that actually makes you profit! Most courses, only talk about it, but don't actually show you ...

We give you a real blueprint where you can determine the best ads, and landing pages at the same time. In fact, it only takes 1 day to uncover a winning campaign that's making you money!

Another big difference is that I am a computer program, graphic designer, and online marketing expert ... so I can actually show you stuff that most marketing gurus cannot. Simply because I spend the time in the trenches and I actually DO the work.

for example ... I designed this exact website you are looking at, the sales video, the graphics, the cool surprise button, the clickbank sliding thing in the bottom right-hand corner .. etc. you get to tap into my head and steal my skills :-)

Q: Can mobile marketing work in all countries as well as on all major mobile devices?

A: Yes. We show you exactly how to promote in all countries on all major mobile devices, but we also reveal the top mobile device you should be promoting on to save ad costs and improve profits.

Q: Do I need to own several mobile devices such as an iPhone or iPad to run mobile campaigns on the internet?

A: No. We show you how to do everything from your computer using free tools. It's very similar to running traditional internet marketing campaigns but with the added ability to get your ads in front of 5 times more viewers than normal ... which means huge traffic at low cost!

Plus, we show you a very powerful technique for creating a profitable campaign within a few days ... our method has NEVER been taught be anyone!

Q: Will I have to get approved by Cost-Per-Action (CPA) networks to make money with your methods?

A: No. We show you many different ways to make money with mobile marketing, such as building a list of hungry buyers, then marketing to those lists using traditional email marketing methods. Plus, we also show you a little-known CPA network that didn't require any approval when we signed up.

Q: Does your mobile page creator bonus tool make pages that work on Blackberry and smart phones?

A: Yes. We show you exactly how to easily create mobile squeeze pages using free tools that work on all smart phone platforms such as the iPhone's iOS, Android, and Blackberry.

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